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204 Sigma Ave
This project consisted of the design and build of a new 1372 square foot house. The house was built on speculation in 2004. Andrew performed the framing, roofing, installation of windows & doors, hardwood flooring, ceramic tiling, painting, and finishing carpentry. He also assisted subcontractors with the electrical and plumbing. The majority of the concrete work was subcontracted, with the exception of the forming of the front steps. The project was a huge success having sold before the project was completion.“I wish we’d have had you build our house” said the neighbour who was having his house built next door.

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Concrete Stairs
There’s more to concrete steps then meets the eye. These steps have a void shaped with cardboard and plywood underneath them. They are supported by a concrete beam and piles, and reinforced with steel. In order to shape steps, forms made of wood must be installed in such a way so as to allow the concrete to be placed and finished properly. For this project the forms were removed before the concrete was fully hardened so as any voids in the concrete could be filled.

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2200 Square Foot Addition
The home was originally a larger bungalow. Spencer Construction added all that you see in this photo while the original home is hidden in behind.
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